Officina MusicAttuale is a meeting place for all those who live the world of entertainment and the stage. dedicated to musicians, actors, dancers, technicians and cultural operators.
Born from the idea of a network made by professionals inspired by culture and music.
This is the place for festivals, concerts, shows, workshops, masterclasses, seminars.
In Officina MusicAttuale ideas become projects.


Conceived by the Agenda Publishing House, OMAFestival is an innovative artistic event focused on the promotion of today’s music: the Festival addresses the varied world of contemporary musical expressions, to enhance the creative richness and the different artistic orientations, with no style discrimination.
The Call for scores is an opportunity to meet the creativity of the composers and the interpretation of the performers involved: through this event, OMA Festival proposes the recording of the songs sent, the production of online schedules, the broadcast to an international audience.
Digital products creation with a high artistic profile at the end of the process is made possible by the support of contemporary art scene experts and interpreters. Each schedule requires a working group – chaired and coordinated by Agenda – which avails itself of the contribution of critics, musicologists, composers and performers, united in presenting and discussing specific selected themes.

Melodrama today

Interview by Marco Maria Tosolini with Alessio Boni and Gianpaolo Salbego on the opera “Re Davide” by Domenico and Agapito Bucci, production Agenda 2018.

Programme schedule

Each schedule involves bodies and associations active in documenting, researching, experimenting and training: international organizations, whose activities will be welcomed and deepened in each edition.
The festival includes: composers, musicologists, publishers, critics, teachers, national and international musical foundations, performers, pre-established ensembles, festivals, music documentation and promotion centers, national and international courses and competitions.
Agenda aims to implement musical initiatives aimed at a cosmopolitan online audience, through OMAFestival, especially in times of pandemics, involving subjects active in music production and structuring schedules that can be used by a very large and heterogeneous audience.



SIMC (Italian Society of Contemporary Music, Milan)

Rimacheride Cultural Association (Theater, Music, Masterclass, Bologna, Padua)

Incorde (Festival, Imola)

VID Art & Science

Festival Assisi Suono Sacro (Assisi) Ars Pace (Assisi)


Abazia della Badia
Auditorium (Scuola musicale Camerino)
Auditorium Calderino (Monte San Pietro – Bo)
Auditorium Marianum (Perugia)
Teatro San Leonardo (Bologna con pianoforte)
Villa Morosini Cappello Vicenza

OMAFestival Team

About us

Officina MusicAttuale – ideas become projects.

Erica Salbego

Erica Salbego

Her journey started at the age of 6 on the stage. She attended the G.B. Martini Conservatory of Music in Bologna (classes of main piano and percussion instruments) and the Bernstein School of Musical Theater in Bologna (BSMT) studying the techniques of the musical performer.
She joined several concerts, theatrical performances and musicals on important stages: La Fenice Theater of Venice, Florence Conservatory of Music, Chigiana Music Academy of Siena, Municipal Theater of Modena, in 2018 she oversaw the realization of the opera Re Davide ( starring the actor Alessio Boni). She works permanently in the Octandre Ensemble.
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She also supervised the drafting and direction of various theater and music shows.
For more than 25 years she has carried out teaching activities in schools and in many places of culture and care and organizes the traveling exhibition “Sounds, Colors and Rhythms of Percussions”, the exhibition of percussion instruments by Octandre, who was a guest for several years at the ‘Philharmonic Academy of Bologna.
After several experiences in radio, she takes care of the radio speaker courses at Radio Fujiko (Bo) in collaboration with the Rimachèride Association.
She is a member of Agenda and manages of its artistic and organizational direction and is part of the creation team of Oma (Officina MusicAttuale ).
Gianpaolo Salbego

Gianpaolo Salbego

Head and 1st percussionist of the Orchestra of the Municipal Theater of Bologna, former percussion teacher at the Conservatory of Rovigo, at the Conservatory of Bologna, at the Musical Institute of Modena-Carpi, teacher and musicologist, carries out chamber music activities as interpreter, conductor and composer .

He artistically directs important musical ensembles, including Octandre, Musicattuale, EllePi percussion. The Octandre ensemble in short ranks as one of the leading European music groups of the twentieth century. In this capacity he collaborates with the Chigiana Academy of Siena and with Maestro Franco Donatoni who from 1983 to 1997 used the Octandre ensemble as a guest group.

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Director of two editions of the Pépinières (study laboratories sponsored and supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the European Union) and board member of the Music Coordination of Today which associates the main musical institutions and academies of his city. He coordinates the activities of Musicattuale in Bologna 2000 European city of culture.

In 1989 founder and President of Musica Attuale association and which addresses the signs of multimedia with particular reference to the evolution of new information technologies and the combination of different artistic languages (vocality, painting, graphics, plastic arts, theater, etc.).

He collaborates with the Philharmonic Academy of Bologna in the realization of the three editions of the “Alfeo Gigli” International Composition Review and for the Academy he carries out teaching activities between 2012/2015.

Very present and engaged in the didactic activity aimed at the younger generations in compulsory education and conservatories, taking care of some important didactic proposals (Music for children, Paths) in collaboration with the Theaters and Provveditorati of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, with the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan and the Ricordi publishing house that commissions and publishes the text What Percussion? specifically on music teaching. He conducts promotional activities and lectures for the University of Bologna and Tours.

He works as a musicologist and critic collaborating with various newspapers and with the publishing houses Ricordi, Salabert, Rodi, Agenda for which he writes and composes educational and multimedia works. Since 1990 he has been the art director of the music publishing house Agenda, which soon ranks as a reference point for creativity and musical expressiveness today.

In 2013 he created OctandreProject, a multimedia forum dedicated to today’s music. In 2014 he created the Percussion Laboratory of the GB Martini Conservatory of Bologna with which he coordinates the OMA OfficinaMusicAttuale festival circuit and two editions of MusicArteScienza in collaboration with the AngelicA Festival. In 2015 he directed VID art / science. In 2018 he musically directs the melodrama Re Davide with the participation of Alessio Boni and the theatrical direction of Eros Drusiani.

In the academic music field he has collaborated with: Franco Donatoni, Adriano Guarnieri, Gilberto Cappelli, Karlehinz Stockhausen, Luigi Nono, Giacinto Scelsi, Alain Menieur, Aldo Sisillo, Marco Boni, Alessio Vlad, Van Vandevalle, Gert Mortensen, Jean Pierre Drouet, Gaspare Tirincanti , Enzo Porta, Giancarlo Cardini, Annamaria Morini.

Jazz and fusion he has collaborated with: Andrea Centazzo, Franco Battiato, Tullio De Piscopo, Lefty Medina, Enrico Rava, Carlos Zingaro, Gianluigi Trovesi, Roberto Ottaviano, Carlo Actis Dato, Roger Woodward, Max Roach, Massimo Cappa, Milford Graves.

Theater, science, teaching he has collaborated with: Alessio Boni, Carlo Ventura, Giovanni Belgrano.



Note sugli strumenti a percussione, Anbima, Bologna, 1975
Musica Come?, Octandre, Bologna, 1982
Bibliografia sugli strumenti a percussione, Octandre, Bologna, 1982
Vibrafono – apprendimento e guida d’uso dei metodi, Octandre, 1985

Quale Percussione? (presentazione Franchino Falsetti), Ricordi, Milano, 1987
Album di Musica Attuale, Agenda, Bologna, 1991-96
I Quaderni di Octandre, Agenda, Bologna, 1993-96
Contemporanea, Agenda, Bologna, 1995-96
Note di economia e sulla produzione di beni economici nel settore musicale, Octandre, Bologna, 1996
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Autori diversi, Progetto musica in Italia, Italia Musica, Firenze, 1996
Esprit Nouveau: innovazione e linguaggio musicale nel novecento, Idea edizioni, Bologna 1998
Metodi, repertori e didattica degli strumenti a percussione, Agenda, Monte San Pietro, 2007
Fondamenti di storia e tecnologia degli strumenti a percussione, Agenda, Monte San Pietro, 2009
Newsletter for percussion, Agenda, Bologna, 2014-2015


Strutture, per strumenti a percussione, 1978, dur 15′
Trois Gymnopedies, adattamento per vibrafono dell’originale di Eric Satie, Salabert, 1982, 12′
In Forma Libera 1 e 2, Salabert, 1982, 10′
Campane, Octandre, 1983, dur 15′
Linea I, proprietà autore, 1990, dur 10′
Ciclo di Pegaso, Octandre, 1992, dur 25′ (regia Antonio Pizzurro)
Viola, Agenda, 1992, dur 10′
Sigla Espana Hoy, Agenda, 1993, dur 7′
Ciclo di Fool, Octandre, 1993, dur 20′ (regia G.Franco Rimondi)
Caos, Agenda, 1995, dur 10′
Fiori rosa – folksong one, Agenda, 1996, dur 8′
Folksong two, Agenda, 1996, dur 8′
Ciclo didattico per percussione (Introduzione, America, Asia, Africa, Guaguancoo), 1999, dur 41’
Allemande, Agenda, 2002, dur 6’
Siciliana, Agenda, 2002, dur 5’
Iridescenze musicali (versione per percussione), Agenda, Monte San Pietro, 2014, dur 25’

Coeur pour batteur (spunti da un’idea di Sylvano Bussotti), Agenda, Monte San Pietro, 2015, dur 7’


Giordano De Nisi

Giordano De Nisi

Born in Rome in 1993, Giordano De Nisi completed his studies at “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory, graduating with full marks in Piano and Composition.
A versatile author, he wrote chamber, symphonic, solo instrument, choir and theater music; his compositions have been performed in Italy and abroad (Hungary, Belgium).
As a researcher, he deepened the study of Dallapiccola’s “Variations for orchestra” (XVI GATM Conference) and carried out a Traineeship in Berlin (at the Akademie der Künste), engaged in the analysis and revision of some works by the composer Luca Lombardi . Currently he is pursuing orchestral conducting studies.

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Among the most recent works are mentioned:

“Three scenic dialogues” for horn, cello and piano (Rome – Budapest, 2019) – Trio Inception

“Symbola” for flute quartet (Rome, 2019) – Alchimie Sonore Ensemble

“Sonata” for piano (Mestre, 2020 – M9, Museo del Novecento) – Elena Nefedova, piano.

Alessandro Meacci

Alessandro Meacci

Born in Rome in 1997, he graduated in traditional piano at the Fausto Torrefranca Conservatory of Music in Vibo Valentia, with full marks; he obtained the II Level Academic Diploma in Composition at the Conservatory of Music Santa Cecilia in Rome, with a grade of 110/110 cum laude, under the guidance of Maestro Stefano Bracci. He is the winner of a scholarship to the CET di Mogol school for authors and composers.

He has over fifty compositions to his credit including music for piano, flute, violin, chamber music and orchestra. He is also the author of arrangements and music for pop songs and film music. He is the author of poems and songs.

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His discography currently includes two albums Tetraktys (2016) and Revolution X (2020).

Compositions edited:
10 pieces for Piano in the collection “Revolution X” (2019 – 2020) EDIZIONI ROMANA MUSICA
Triptych for solo flute: “De Aqua Virgo” (2020) for the flute ensemble “Alchimie Sonore”. AGENDA productions
Essential, for piano & cello (2020) AGENDA productions
Modern Rhapsody (piano solo) AGENDA productions


Past editions

Composers, performers, ensembles and younger generations, places of training and musical education

Officina Musicattuale

GB Martini Conservatory of Music

2016 Music Art Science
Sacredness and mysticism: Africa, traditions, migrations, cultural integrations

GB Martini Conservatory of Music in Bologna

Music Art Science
New expressiveness in the future
Meetings with the percussion of
Percussion Laboratory

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